Buying Vintage Persian Rugs: What to Look For


Made by skilled artisans, vintage Persian rugs are one of the most sought-after kind of rugs because of their beauty, craftsmanship and durability. There are so many kinds of Persian rugs available, from machine-made to genuine artisan to collector items. And if you’re like most people, you are after a genuine Persian rug with a price that’s worth shelling out money for.

When buying one, it is important that you have some knowledge on what to look for. The many aspects of buying one can be a bit overwhelming for some. Fortunately, we have rounded up for you some tips in ensuring that you get a Persian rug of high quality that will best fit your needs. Read on and be educated on the most essential aspects to look into when choosing a rug.

  • Age. A Persian rug is considered vintage when it’s at least 100 years old, and have become popular collectibles. Those between 50 and 99 years are called semi-vintage. A well-cared, handmade Persian rug will increase its value over time.
  • Dye. Naturally-dyed Persian rugs are about 30 percent more expensive those with synthetic dye. However, despite their more authentic look, natural dyes come in limited colors and tend to fade over time compared to synthetic the more resilient synthetic ones.
  • Knot. Referring to the number of knots there is per square inch, the knot density greatly affects the quality of the rug. Persian rugs have anywhere between 30 and 300 knots per square. Anything lower than 30 and you’ll have a coarse rug of low quality.
  • Size. Consider the place where you plan to position the rug, and take the necessary measurements, all the while being flexible on the size. Remember that the bigger the Persian rug, the more expensive it is.
  • Wool. You have a choice between hand- or machine-spun. The former is considered to be more valuable as doing it by hand gives every rug a certain kind of uniqueness. However, rug spun with a machine gives a more uniform and even look.

Buying vintage Persian rugs these days have become very easy and convenient because of the internet. However, it has also become very easy for buyers to fall prey on malicious sellers selling fake items online. So aside from being careful and vigilant, you also have to have at least some know-how on what you’re buying. Contact a vintage Persian rug expert now more tips.

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