How To Give Your Rugs The Best Care Possible At Home

The hardest part in owning a rug is probably finding one. Buying a rug means going through different processes like knowing how big it would be up to the smallest detail on the rug. Buying a rug is not an easy process, not to mention that it is also an expensive one. With this in mind, as a responsible owner, you then have to make sure that your rug receives the best care possible at home. To keep your rugs, vintage or contemporary, looking great and feeling great, you can follow these simple rug care tips at home.

Vacuuming Regularly. Besides investing on a quality rug, you also have to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one yet, then you have to buy one. Find one that does not have beater bars. With your vacuum, you can easily clean your area rug on a regular basis. Make sure that you incorporate vacuuming your rug to your weekly schedule. When you vacuum, don’t include the fringes as you might tear them apart.

Periodically Rotating Your Rug. If you have several rugs in your room, then make sure that you rotate each rug on a regular basis. The ones you have placed near the window which is more exposed to the sunlight needs to be under the shade a month or two after being exposed. If you have a rug that has been placed away from direct sunlight, you can use this rug to replace the one that is near the window. This will give each rug an even chance of aging at the same time.

Address Spills On The Spot. Accidents happen all the time. If this happens to your rug, it is a must that you blot the spill immediately. Do not ignore spills. You can use a dry paper towel to dry the area or an absorbent cloth to absorb the spillage. Doing this will help prolong the life of your rug, as well as minimize stains on it.

Hire Professional Help. If you think that it is time to give your rug a proper cleaning, then you should hire expert rug cleaners. This is most helpful in times that you don’t really have the time to do it yourself. Professionals are equipped with the right cleaning tools and the right people to give your rug a proper cleaning. They know how to preserve the beauty of your rug, and they also know how to restore it when the need for it arises.

Buy A Rug Pad. Rug pads are made to help prolong the life of your rugs. They don’t only prevent the rug from sliding or slipping on your floor, but they also help minimize the tear from foot traffic. This means prolonging the lifespan of your rug in the process.

Get To Know Your Rug. There are numerous types of rugs that you can buy around. Each type of rug requires a specific kind of care. This means that you have to know and read the care instructions that comes with it. Some rugs have their maintenance instructions attached at the back side of the rug. Some instructions come in paper. Make sure that you read the instructions before you start vacuuming or giving it a shampoo. You don’t want to end up damaging your rug in the process when the intention is caring for it.


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