How to Maintain the Beauty of Your Vintage Persian Rugs


To maintain their beauty, quality and value, special care should be put into your vintage Persian rugs. Antique rugs can be very fragile and susceptible to damage with the conventional vacuuming and cleaning methods. So how do you care for your vintage Persian rug? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Immediately clean up any spills. If it forms into a stubborn stain, try to blot the spill with a Turkish towel dipped in club soda.
  2. Get your vintage rug repaired as soon as you notice some damage. Beetles and moths can destroy a rug’s appearance. If your rug shows signs of insect infestation or damage, take it out to be deep cleaned. Meanwhile, work on ridding your home of these insects.
  3. Put a cushion or carpet pad under your vintage rug to give it added protection from fading, as well as wear and tear.
  4. Vacuum both sides of your rug, being careful that you do not include the fringes. Make sure that you use just enough force so it cleans without damaging the rug. If you need to use a beater brush, put it in the lowest setting so it has the least amount of contact to your rug.
  5. Be cautious when you let small kids and pets get near a vintage rug. Monitor the activities of the kids so there are no accidental spills or damage, and make sure that the pet has been house trained.
  6. Ensure that your Persian rug is dry at all times. Wetness and moisture can lead to permanent damage. If your rug gets wet, immediately dry it with a vacuum or fan. As a precaution, keep water away from your rug. Position it away from plants, drinks and pipes.
  7. Every year, make it a point to turn over your Persian rug. It’s important that you give both sides equal exposure to traffic so it lasts longer. Use sunlight exposure and wear as your guide in knowing the right time to turn it over. If your rug goes through more sunlight exposure and wear than the usual, turn it over sooner.
  8. Regularly take your vintage rugs to a professional rug care specialist to get it rewoven and re-fringed. You can also get it deep cleaned. Never attempt to do deep cleaning on your own.

A rug adds warmth and beauty to any space, and it will do so for a long time for as long as you make an effort to clean and protect it from damage. Contact a vintage rug expert to give you more tips on caring for your precious Persian rug.

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