How You Can Properly Store Your Rugs

Do you have several rugs that you like to rotate once in a while to minimize wearing? Do you have several rugs that you use alternately so you can give your house a fresh look and décor? If you do, then it is very important to know how you can properly store the rugs that you don’t use to make sure their quality is preserved and that their life-span is not shortened whenever they are put in storage.

Where You Put It

It is important to determine where in the house you will store the rugs, or which room will be the designated area to hold them. Rugs are very precious and quality rugs are not easy to own. This means that you have to make sure they are used properly and stored well. When storing them, make sure that they are placed in a room that is cool and dry. Natural light should not be able to penetrate in the same room. If you are thinking of your attic and basement, you should think twice. These places go through several temperature changes all year round, which makes them not appropriate for storing your precious rugs.

Roll It!

When you store your rugs, it is always a good practice to roll them in. Folding your rugs for short-term storage is never a good idea. You have to remember that the fibers of your rugs are delicate. In addition, folding them will develop permanent creases that will be very difficult to correct.

When rolling your rugs, make sure that the pile is facing in. Rug piles are not as durable as its foundation. Thus, it is important to keep them in when rolling your rugs. Keep your rug roll as straight as possible. This can be achieved by using a rod or wooden dowel. Use a piece of cotton to help secure the edges of the rug as you roll then in the rod. You can also use the same cotton material to secure the roll once you are done rolling the entire rug.

Humidity, Sunlight, and Floors

It is important to make sure that the humidity of the room you are storing your rug is not low. You can control the humidity level of this room by using a humidifier, which you can purchase from any home improvement stores. Also, make sure that the rugs will not receive any kind of sunlight or UV rays. You can secure your rugs by covering the windows of the room you selected with blinds or shades. This will help keep the color of your rug from fading. It is also important to take note that rugs should not be stored directly on the floor. Carpet beetles will easily find their way to the rug when they are stored on the floor. You don’t want to end up having a carpet beetle infestation in your home.

Keep these reminders in mind whenever you are about to store your rugs. This will help keep your rug in good condition and will help them last for generations.