How To Make Your Rugs Look Luxurious And Elegant With Rug Pads

Different area rugs have different appeal and appearance. If you compare a rug that has been sold in discount stores to rugs bought from specialty stores, you will notice a big difference, especially on how lifted or flat the rug looks like. Expensive rugs tend to look lifted than the ones bought from discount stores. However, this can be corrected with the use of quality rug pads.

Area rugs that are machine-made have come to rise because of their inexpensive nature. They can be bought at a cheaper price but still provide the same effect as rugs made from Persia and other countries popular for producing rugs with natural fibers. Machine and synthetic rugs are cheap in nature because they don’t require a lot of materials and manpower to be made. These rugs are very good alternative to expensive rugs. They will still feel good under the feet and provides the same aesthetic purpose. However, they do look flatter than rugs made by hands. This can be the downside of buying machine-made rugs and synthetic rugs. But, thick felt rug pads can be helpful in giving your rugs a more elegant and expensive look.

There are different varieties of thick felt rug pads that are available for you to choose from. The ones that offer a thicker appearance is the one that is 3/8 of an inch. The thickness of rug pads really depends on your needs or how thick you want your area rugs to appear to the naked eye. For fuller looking area rugs, a quarter inch rug pad would be fine. But, for those that really look flat, it is recommended that you go for a thick felt rug pad that is the thickest of them all. No matter how thick the rug pad you have bought, it will provide the same enhancement to your area rugs. It will make it look fuller and thicker.

The most noticeable advantage of using a rug pad under your area rug is that your area rug will look livelier, richer, and more expensive. The immediate effect of using rug pads is the appearance of your area rug. It will look lifted, thus giving your area rugs the look of life. The lift that your area rug is enjoying from the use of rug pads will make it look like a piece of artwork on your floor. The same effect is experienced with expensive rugs. With rug pads, walking on your floor will feel different. Most of the time, people can tell the value of a rug by how it feels under the feet. The fluffier and softer your rug feels, the better quality it is. Rug pads offer the same effect and feel.

Buying an area rug can be a memorable experience. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have the same look and feel of Persian rugs and other oriental rugs sold in the market. You just have to be creative and like what you have. Enhancements can be done to make it look better and feel better and one of the strategies you can apply is enhancing your area rugs with thick felt rug pads.

Tips On Finding An Attractive Rug At A Reasonable Price

Rugs are one of the many artsy decorative pieces that can give an entire place a different look and charm. Rugs varying from retro to contemporary, from handmade to machine-made, and from traditional to customary give each room that they are placed elegance and class. With the creative designs, elegance, and durability that they offer, it is no wonder that rugs have been and still are mainstream in the market today.

Rugs can be made from different fibers and materials. You will see rugs made of wool, cotton, silk, jute, sisal, and other natural fibers that can be found in nature. In addition, rugs can also be made from synthetic fibers like nylon, which provides customers and rug lovers more options to choose from. But, there are a lot of homeowners who opt not to have rugs in their houses as they usually come expensive. Rarely you will see a rug that is sold at a cheap price as they are made to last forever. But, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to buy a new rug that will make your home look and feel better. Here are some tips that you can apply to buy that rug that you desire at a low price.


Bargaining for something that you really like, especially if you are allowed to bargain, is not a bad thing at all. If you can bargain, you should do it as long as you are being reasonable with the price that you are offering. Bargaining for a Persian rug may seem impossible as they really are expensive because of the quality they are made, but if you are able to find a store that will let you bargain, then lucky are you. However, there are other rug options that you can buy at a lower price but will still give you the same elegant effect as Persian rugs. Your options are not limited. They are countless. So, don’t stop with just one and start bargaining.

Buy Rugs From Discount Stores

Discount stores are the best place to find unique, elegant, and quality rugs that are sold at a discount. It would be a good idea to visit stores that offer you a variety of quality rugs that are not as pricey as when you go to specialty stores. If you go to a discount store, don’t be disappointed to find rugs that are mostly made of synthetic fibers. It is only at rare occasions that you will find a vintage rug made of natural fibers being sold in discount stores. Buying rugs made of synthetic materials is not bad at all. They offer the same elegance and class as the ones made from cotton, wool, or silk. Plus, they are much easier to clean and maintain them.

Look For Polypropylene Area Rugs

Polypropylene area rugs are ones that you should not overlook. If you have set your rug buying budget to the lowest, then this would be the best option for you. There may not be a lot of options when it comes to variety and design options with this type of rug, but you can definitely buy one at the cheapest price possible.

There definitely are different ways for you to find and buy an area rug that is cheap but of good value. Online stores are also good places where you can find cheap rugs. You just have to be creative and patient. And don’t forget to have fun hunting for your rugs!