What You Need To Know About Turkish Rugs

Just like Persian rugs, Turkish rugs have been made since the ancient times. This makes it a staple in the Turkish textile industry. Turkish rugs are often found in different symbols and motifs. But, it would not be surprising to see them depicting mystical, biblical, and literary scenes. This means that, like other rugs, this type of rug also comes in different varieties and form. This depends on how it is manufactured, how it is designed, and what fiber is used to create them. The techniques use in manufacturing this type of rug also is a distinguishing factor. However, most of the Turkish rugs are hand-woven by women.

Wool Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs can be found made from different types of materials like cotton, silk, and wool. However, the most popular material used for this type of rug is wool as this material is the cheapest among the other options. In addition, wool is commonplace in Turkey. In addition, the use of wool to make this rug dates back in the ancient times, older than silk or cotton. Some buyers even believe that wool rugs are the most authentic among all other types pf rugs. Turkish rugs made of wool has lower knot counts compared to other rugs made of silk and cotton. The reason behind this is the texture. Wool is rougher than the other two alternatives. However, the texture of the end product will also depend on the number of knots made and how detailed the design was made by the weavers.

Cotton Turkish Rugs

One reason why wool is popularly used to make Turkish rugs is the availability of cotton and silk. Cotton and silk are not readily available, thus making it more expensive to buy. However, when weavers use cotton to make the rug, they are able to achieve a more detailed and elaborate design. Cotton Turkish rugs still use wool as its base. Creating a cotton Turkish rug may be more labor-intensive than that of wool rugs because cotton rugs have more knot counts. This adds to its selling price in the market.

Silk Turkish Rugs

It can be said that silk Turkish rugs are the rarest. The reason behind this is because silk is more difficult to handle than cotton and wool. This makes silk rugs the most expensive among the three. They are also finer in texture, which allows weaver to be more detailed and elaborate in each design that they make (more detailed than cotton). This means that weaving this type of rug is the most labor-intensive, which is also taken into account when pricing these rugs. Also, it would take some extra tender-loving-care to maintain them.

Most Popular Turkish Rugs

Konya, Bergama, Milas, and Ushak styles are the most popular styles of Turkish rugs being sold today. Although, Konya and Bergama styles have been popular since the ancient time. Milas and Ushak became popular later. The four mentioned rugs only use the finest wool there is. It is for this reason that these type of rugs are very popular. On the one hand, another type rug that is also popular on its own right is Hereke rugs. These type of rugs are known for its grandiose and decadence. These rugs are mostly found in Turkish palaces. These are hand woven. The materials used to produce Hereke rugs are silk, cotton, and wool. But what makes it unique is the thread used to construct them – silver and gold.